AEOTEC Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Clamp Power Meter – One Clamp


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AEOTEC Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Clamp Power Meter – One Clamp

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  • Sisseehitatud aku: Yes
  • WEEE maks: Yes
  • WEE klassifikatsioon: CL109:5:2017-04-01
  • Kogus pakendis: 1
  • Brutokaal: 0.454
  • Bruto Sügavus (mm): 175
  • Brutolaius (mm): 70
  • Brutokõrgus (mm): 190
  • Maht (m3): 0.0023275
  • Taara kaal (kg): 0.16
  • Plastik (ilma PET-ita): 160
  • TI kaal (kg): 0.017
  • Composition of battery: CL127:KT:2016-12-09
  • Classification of battery: CL126:NE:2016-12-09
  • Type of battery: Battery

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  • Netokaal: 0.294
  • Muud funktsioonid: The Aeotec Home Energy Meter is a low-cost energy meter that enables you to measure the power consumption of your entire home. It can report actual consumption (in W) and the accumulated power used (in kWh), enabling you to understand when and how you use electricity, which allows you to make decisions on how you can reduce your energy consumption and energy bill. The clamp meter is easily installed in your main electricity box; the clamps are clipped around the incoming power cables, no need for any electrical or wiring changes. Once installed, the clamp meter connects to your Z-Wave network and reports power consumption to your central controller, where you can access it and understand how you’re using power. The main body is international protection code rated IP43 to be weatherized for outdoor conditions; it can operate in most weather conditions The main body is anchored using a back mount. The device is powered from a normal AC power supply. The device has one clamp and reports W and kWH (up to 60 Ampere).
  • Tehnilised omadused: Technology: Z-Wave Plus (868.42MHz). Clamp Rating: 60A with 1% accuracy. Clamp size: Fits cables up to 10mm. Metering: current consumption (W) and accumulated consumption (kWh). Push-button: On/Off, inclusion, exclusion and association. LED: indicates device is active. Power: 230V only. Rating: IP43 – withstands most outdoor weather conditions. Dimensions (LxWxH): 108 x 67 x 30mm (unit), 1,400mm (leads).

  • Producer product name: Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Clamp Power Meter – One Clamp
  • Garantii: 24




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